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We’re an innovative technology, digital marketing, creative and advertising company that strives to help its clients gain impressive results from their online platforms and applications.
Our approach is simple, our ideas simple, but our reach is global. BConnected provides you with a complete solution. Be it in hardware for running your content on various platforms, tractable software to make the whole experience better, content creation to tackle all the thinking work for you and a complete setting up of a placed based network to communicate digitally in a creative way and last but not least is that you can always mix and match any of our services according to your budget fit and needs.

What Do We Do

Loyalty Solutions

We have built an open API SaaS platform that is able to meet all your loyalty needs. We can easily integrate with your system in place and provide you with crisp loyalty and rewards modules.

Mobile & Cloud Solutions

Whether it is a website, mobile website, or a mobile application that serves your external (clients) or internal (employees) audience, we at BConnected have the expertise to provide a finished product equipped with advanced functionality and features in a very elegant design. By utilizing an efficient cloud-based application delivery solution, you can expect to see interactions with customers become streamlined as they flock to your high performance Web sites and applications.

CRM & ERP Solutions

Sharing information and providing visibility into both frontend and backend systems increases productivity and simplifies business process. With CRM and ERP integration, organizations can focus more on driving new business and less on the hassles of trying to make data available. We at BConnected boast great abilities to handle your integrations at ease.


The crucial part of your business, the silent ambassador. Branding is the image you wish to reflect about your business to the world. In short, it is the way your clients will remember you from the first moment they meet you.


Covering everything related to visual arts, such as drawing, illustration, typography, concepts creation, symbolism. As well as all the different styles: minimalistic, flat, old school, modern, etc. It is the  twist that adds a little extra to all things.


Think websites, mobile apps, online exposure. Everything that engages digitally with the viewer. Therefore, transferring to him an invaluable user experience and rewarding you with a worldwide exposure.


Strategizing the marketing plans for an effective uprising of a brand. And, Creating effective plans to ensure the reach to the target audience. Our Digital Marketing Services include: Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-mail Marketing, Digital Strategy, Digital Advertising across channels, Content Marketing, and Influencer Marketing.


Media buying provides you with a clear understanding of web presence; that includes display advertising, search marketing, video views, etc. this will assist you in performing cost analysis, and manage delivery and trafficking. Media buying optimizes your ad campaign which further results in better consumer traffic, which will, in turn, improve your business.


A listening ear and a wise tongue to assist you in seeing your brand from a different point of view. First, ensuring a global view of what you own, and weighing the positive and the negative. Then, tailoring a plan of action to uplift or head start your business.

The Success Behind Our Digital Marketing Campaigns

It is not of a co-incidence to be trusted by International Brands, we do not just convey their consumer/customer selling messages across all digital channels we take it further to share success every-time they stand out to competition and in every increase in market share they score.
Focus on ROI
Setting and Keeping Track of Goals
Comprehensive Data Analysis
Creating Relevant & Effective Content
Choosing the Right Channel(s)
Strategic A/B testing
Paying Attention to Feedback

Our Social Media Economy Package - Moderate Engagement

Package goals
o Maintain your social presence and keep your followers engaged and up to date
o Recommended for small businesses and/or companies with a B2B model
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Package 01

Our Social Media Professional Package - Elevated Engagement

Package goals
o Maintain your social presence and keep your followers engaged and up to date
o Adding more followers
o Higher brand reach and positioning
o Increasing brand recognition
o Recommended for SMEs with a B2C model and group holding B2B model
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Package 02

Our Social Media Advanced Package - High Engagement

Package goals
o Maintain your social presence and keep your followers engaged and up to date
o Adding more followers
o Higher brand reach and positioning
o Increasing brand recognition
o Improving branding loyalty
o Higher conversion rates
o Driving traffic to website
o Recommended for starting SMEs with a B2C model or already existing businesses that demand higher reach and continued brand advocacy
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Package 03


Work with Passion

"Do it with Passion or Not at All" ..with Passion Comes Creativity and at the End.. "If it is Not Creative, it Won't Sell!"

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“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” ― Michael LeBoeuf


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“I was gratified to be able to answer promptly, and I did. I said I didn’t know.” ― Mark Twain
02 Feb 2018

Port of Rotterdam prepares for digital transformation with IBM IoT

The Port of Rotterdam is preparing for a digital transformation with IBM’s cloud-based IoT technologies – starting with the formulation of a centralised dashboard application that collects and processes real-time water, weather sensor data and communications data. Previously, Europe’s largest port by cargo tonnage banked on conventional communication techniques such as radar and radio to […]

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02 Dec 2017

Sheikh Mohammed launches Internet of Things Strategy in Dubai

mart living in Dubai has officially begun with the launch of the emirate’s flagship Internet of Things Strategy and Data Wealth initiative, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said on Sunday. The Vice President and Ruler of Dubai launched the initiative, which aims to protect the emirate’s digital wealth, at the Smart Dubai headquarters in Dubai Design […]

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